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Do Your Penis a Favor, and Exercise It!

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Benefits include longer and harder erections, ability to control premature ejaculation, thicker semen, and a larger overall penis. Not to mention the joy you receive by pleasing your partner and the increase in self confidence. Now you can see why such methods have increased so drastically in their popularity. Setting away a little time each day could be the deal breaker in your sex life.

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How to Make a Girl Climax - Here is the Golden Secret That Will Make Her Climax Within Seconds

A girl is very choosy about her sex partner. She must find you appealing enough to wish to be touched by you. So that is where you have to begin. Get her to find you appealing and sexy and attractive to be in bed with. She needs to gauge if your touch will excite her to climax point...

Exciting her-

It is very important to communicate to her through your mannerisms, your way of talking and flirting, kissing and touching her, that she's sure to enjoy sex with you. Once she begins to enjoy the touch of your hands all over her body she will feel naturally aroused. Your kisses will show the passion within you and will excite her further into what she is about to experience with you.

Arousing her-

A girl needs time to be aroused fully. It takes time for a girl to reach a state of readiness so do not push your way through too fast. Engage in a prolonged foreplay which will help you arouse her to the point when she cannot wait for you to penetrate her. A girl is never in a hurry to end the show. If she enjoys what you are doing she too will ensure she gives as much to you. So be patient until she is ready for you to enter her.

Climaxing her-

Climaxing your girl is a feat to master. Different movements climax different girls. Once she has enjoyed the thrust of your penis she will be ready to climax. You may not always get it right the very first time. But you should be able to give sufficient pleasure for her to want to have sex with you again. Gradually you will know how to make your girl climax. Most girls orgasm when the g spot is stimulated. This, however, is done only with the finger. Once the g spot is stimulated sufficiently and she is ready to climax you could reach those heights with her.