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How to Add 3 Inches to Your Penis Size Using a Surprisingly Simple Method

When it comes to whether or not the penis size is the essential factor for a fulfilling sexual life, there are so many opinions that you can fill up encyclopedias with them and still not come up with the right answer.

But, realistically speaking, just try to impress a woman with a 4-5 inches penis and see what happens?

The reality is best revealed by the results of the studies conducted by various condom companies. The surveys done by these companies also include questions like : "How important is the penis size to your sex life?" and other size related questions. As you might guess, the answers are in favor of a large penis rather than an average one or below average.

Read on and discover how you can add 3 inches to your penis size naturally and in just a few weeks.

Up until 7-8 years ago, the only proven method of enlarging the penis was surgery - a risky and extremely costly procedure. Since then, there were many enlargement techniques developed, but one in particular proved to be the most effective.

This easy and safe method is quite simple and takes about 15 minutes of your time for 5 days/week. It consists of a series of penis exercises designed to increase your size by applying a pressure to the penis cells, making them to multiply and expand, thus enlarging your member. I should mention that the enlargement is permanent and there are no side effects attributed to this technique.

Other benefits of doing this type of exercises:

- Improved self-confidence
- Better ejaculation control
- Increased sexual stamina