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Make Your Penis Bigger Naturally Without Using Any Pills - Just Your 2 Hands!

It is actually possible to make your penis bigger, without using any pills. But before going there, let's take a look at some of the penis enlargement methods to avoid:

  • Surgery: surgery can be expensive and painful and can lead to a permanently scarred penis, if it fails.
  • Hanging weights: this technique can cause circulation problems and possible penile deformation.
  • Pills: there is no chemical that can enlarge your penis. Pills have only temporary results.
  • Pumps: they can damage the tissue and cause loss of sensation.
  • Creams: they only thing creams can do is to temporarily increase blood flow, but will have no permanent effect. Also, they may contain dangerous substances.

Penile exercises are the cheapest and safest method to enlarge your penis. You only need your 2 hands and a couple of minutes of your time every day. These exercises can also help you gain up to 4 inches, without having to endure the side-effects of the other methods.

To do the jelq you will need to take a warm wet towel and wrap it around your penis. Leave it for a few minutes.

After that you need to form an "OK" sign with your fingers and slowly move towards the head of your member, starting from the base. This exercise forces the blood from the base to the tip and enlarges the erectile tissue and the size of the penis. Over time you'll see sensational size gains, but only if you are persistent. You have to repeat every session about 4-5 times a week. The result will be permanent, even when you stop the workout. Don't forget to apply some form of lubrication, such as body oil and keep in mind that you need to get to a semi-erect state, before performing the jelq.

You will see the first results after only a few weeks. By following a natural male enhancement program you will get: a thicker and longer penis, a higher sex drive and rock-hand erections.

You and you alone can make the decision: - settle for the penis size you have now or use a guaranteed, painless and free method to get a long and thick penis?